thread Just back from town where we combined
another *fantastic* lunch at Ella Canta with a bit of marching for a second referendum. Great atmosphere at both.

Best placard of the day was one that just said 'Feck'.

Am now slumped on the sofa, sipping tequila and blood orange juice, and deciding not to eat again today.
permalink I've just taken a peek at developing Alexa skills.
If you do two before the end of the month you can get a free hoodie (or backpack or water bottle).

Edit: Just built one. One more to go.
ediedit: That was remarkably straight forward.
permalink today i am using a mouse for the first time in 18 days
and yesterday was the first time i've typed on a keyboard for 17...

it feels very odd.
permalink Scott Walker,
wasn't he?
permalink maybe.... maybe.
thread Cunty Fuckarse
I just schlepped all the way out to Wembley from Old St... 45 mins or so to get to a 1 hour meeting.

The people who were supposed to be presenting were 20 minutes late, then couldn't get their product demo to work.

The client had to leave at the 55 minute mark, and the room was only available for an hour anyway.

Then 45 mins back here.

What a fucking waste of time.
permalink one day tele-conferencing* will take off and peoples carbon footprint will plummet
*the hologram kind

HELPIE.. i need to buy some hiking trainers (they're actual trail runners but i'll be using them just to walk in.. La Sportiva Akyras)
they come in goretex or just normal and i can't decide which to get.. goretex help keep the dust/dirt/sand out beside the rain
but obviously if they get wet on the inside and it's a 5 day walk.. west highland way or something.. you're fuckered (i could always just wear my
or maybe get some of these ;) )
having the protection would be great but the possibility to dry/wash them out at the end of the day would be useful also..

also where can i try shoes on before i buy them on the internet with the massive discounts (30-50% on these babies)?
bricks & mortar places seem like hens teeth.. checked footlocker JD and sports direct and they're just fashion bollocks!
permalink I'd always go Goretex for something like that
it's not just that they keep shit out... they're also breathable so your feet don't stew in their own sweat.

Go to a proper outdoors shop - an independent if you can find one, or even a chain like Cotswold or Go Outdoors, or even Blacks. They should have an ok range and let you try things on, then you can "go away and think about it"...
permalink I'm in Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon...
I'll be trying on some new boots at the superb Tiso shop... I looked a couple of weeks ago... they didn't have the right size... so they've got them in for me to try on... no commitment to buy. If I don;t like them or they don;t fit, they'll just put them into stock. If I like them and they do fit, they've made a sale (a fairly serious sale too... these are not cheap boots!).

Proper service.
permalink I would say the opposite
If you're after trail shoes, go with standard, as they will breathe and also drain much better than the gortex coated ones. As for where to try stuff on, no idea in the UK these days, but there should be a few specialised running shops in that London.

Definitely worth trying, as fit /feel is very personal. Never tried La Sportivas, but have heard good things about them
permalink Fair.
You're a runner, I'm a hiker/climber. Slightly different agendas, I guess.
permalink well that's the dilemma.. they're technically runners but i'll be using them mainly for trekking
and while most runners aren't good for trekking the design on these makes them good for both
i won't even be able to use them for a few months but i'm paranoid that they'll sell out..
the trainer universe is soo bloody fickle with new models coming out all the time (it seems to me anyhow)
umm.. maybe i'll wait and these discounts will happen again
permalink From what I can tell
La Sportiva seem pretty stable with their shoes, don't chop and change as much as some
permalink It's probably more of a Kiwi thing
I have to admit to spending a lot of time previously trying to keep my feet dry. The general modus operandi over here is that your feet are going to get wet regardless (lots of tracks with multiple river crossings), so deal with it. So the aim would be to have footwear that drains well and that will dry out faster if possible. YMMV, of course.
permalink There's a Decathlon in Chingford
Also there used to be two or three proper shops in Notting Hill.
permalink yeah i checked them cheers
the only place mentioned here i hadn't checked (online) was blacks and unsurprisingly that was a blank

looks like i might have to go 'proper' shopping and mill about covent gardens speciality shops.. the prospect of that as a typical bloke is hulk like rage! ;)
permalink That's what I saying
there are 5 or 6 speciality shops in Notting Hill and it's more pleasant than Covent Garden. And you can go into Holland Park after.
permalink 10 hours travel today
for a 30 minute presentation

it was quite an important one though, and I find I get a lot more done on trains than sitting in an office of functional-but-incessantly-vibrating engineering types
permalink Can't beat that
But we are in the midst of the clusterfuck that is both reorganisation of teams etc and panic budgeting a new programme.

I have however escaped and am at the airport, with beer, on my way oop North for my first ever gay wedding
permalink We have made it to Portsmouth
Now a mere 81 mile pedal to the pub.

I'm pretty sure my cooked breakfast would not be recommended by a sport nutritionist, I might have some petrol station sushi later.

permalink Excellent
permalink By Christ it feels like we saw more cars today than the last 2 weeks combines
And our tally of dangerous drivers seen on the road (Spain 2, France 5) was surpassed by British knobends in a single stretch of road.

But the beer is better here so what are you going to do?
permalink ride in continetal europe
drink beer in the UK.

Though I'm taking a trip to the tour of flanders, should be OK for both there
permalink I feel bad now
I only did 20 miles before stopping for cake.
permalink happy birthday
to you
permalink thank you
permalink congratulations
was there any special reason for the route you took.. views land marks that kind of thing or is it special for another reason?
permalink it was the flatest available
that also went through sancerre where my mate who's husband is a winemaker lives.

permalink You.
Old Street.

permalink Yeah. We should.
Any favourites?
permalink Nincomsoup in the arcade is great.
Or Arancini Brothers. I'm meat free these days, and they both do excellent veggie and vegan, plus the soup place does some superb fish soups. Message me at the start of the week and we can diarise.
permalink I've been to Nincomsoup.
It was good.

I never though our palates would come anywhere close to coinciding.
permalink No?
I can get pretty poncey with my palate, but I like good quality simple stuff too, and Nincomsoup does that very well. Their smoked haddock chowder is especially good.
permalink cream of tomato or minestrone?
. .
permalink I'm not a soup person
so I'll have ordered whatever my colleague ordered.

permalink Soupy twist!
permalink Could be worse.
You could've schlepped all the way out to Wembley to present to some idiots who would only give you an, and then you arrive 20 minutes late and then you couldn't get your bloody product to work.

This week I've gone to the wrong venue twice but managed to get to the right one in time. Today I spent the day in a primary school interviewing for a TA role in pre-school. It was fun, but I'm knackered. Probably shouldn't be on the internet really, but social media is a bit mesmerising at the moment.
thread I know none of you lovable bastards are missing me,
but work's net nannies have decided that all variations of URL for this place are verboten now so I can't loiter during the day any more. This, obviously, is a bit of a cunt.
permalink aresholes
permalink I have to use my phone for this place at work.
Sometimes, if I have a lot to type, I type it into Outlook, email it to my phone, and cut and paste it.
permalink What a terrible bunch
of front bottoms
permalink nuts
ours blocks it as 'photo sharing' so I pop in on my phone to check it.

HMHB in a couple of weeks?
permalink I would love to
But alas, I don't think I can wangle a trip back to the Junction this time!
permalink fair enough
I might still not make it, but I'm keeping fingers crossed.
permalink On the basis
you have approximately 18750 fewer kilometres to travel, I'd hope you'd make it! Always a good night out!
permalink ah, I didn't read who replied!
permalink does he have an aversion
to london?
permalink I would
but if the fuckers don't utterly shit on everything I'm on the Harwich-Hook ferry that night
permalink I have full confidence
That with Chris Grayling on the job, all will proceed without any issue!
permalink haven't even bought travel insurance yet
as I don't know if I need cover that includes medical or not yet. And the insurance companies don't know either. FUN TIMES
permalink How much more is it to include medical?
Probably worth it either way, just in case.
permalink Kinell, is that upon us
already? Junction again?

*goes to doogle for tickets*
permalink Arsebadgers,
I'm on call that week. Fucksocks and cuntymints. Must see if I can swap with someone.
permalink every three years, regular as clockwork
permalink Hells teeth, really?
I know I missed the last one, probs because I was on call again.
This means the time we all got together was 6 years ago and by fuck I feel old.
permalink Don't worry witchy
in the future we'll have the internet on pocket sized bits of glass we'll keep with us all the time.

Edit: talking of which, I left mine in school earlier (I was there for a meeting). I'll have to pop in in the morning.
permalink What dark magic is this?
Burn the witch!
permalink s'funny, I use the
phone for most things at work but this place it a bit of a faff on a small screen.
permalink laptop, tethered through phone?
permalink I am up the Shart
it's no Oxo Tower
permalink It wasn't us
who put the Wifi at the top.

*innocent face*
thread Ha, sorry, that wasn't meant to break the board
Just nice to have somewhere you can come and call a cunt a cunt...

Hopefully you all had pleasant weekends? We've been dog sitting, so bit like a normal one, but every 5 minutes a golden retriever appears and stares at you lovingly.
permalink I am firing on three cylinders,
after a flu-filled week of hoiking, sweating, aching, and generally feeling utterly fucking shite. Should be OK just in time to go to work. But upcoming gigs (UNKLE, Giorgio Moroder) to look forward to, plus being outside the UK on Brexit day.

Meanwhile, an erstwhile FB friend - an Irisher - has turned out to be a racist cunt. I had a massive go at him about some anti immigration bullshit he posted on Friday, and he's not only unfriended me, but messaged my sister to tell her to tell me he'll be waiting for me in Dublin the weekend after next. 'Bring it on cunto; come near me and I'll kick your fucking testicles clean off, you racist twat' is what she's passed back to him on my behalf.
permalink Fuck's sake
What a complete twat
permalink This.
He was a tad suspect when we were teens, and we were out of touch for a decade or two, but he's turned into such a sexist, racist scumbag. And if he tries anything on, nothing will give me greater pleasure than de-knackering him with the hardest kick I can muster.
permalink It's the rather pathetic
I'll see you outside the school gates and kick your head in thing that gets me. I mean, one assumes he's not 12 any more?
permalink Same age as me, 55.
He was sleek and smart and sexy and gorgeous when we were kids, but he's a bit of a sad case these days; obese, alcoholic, and suffering from chronic stupidity brought on by decades of narcotic abuse.
permalink Well, happens to the best of us I suppose!*

*thankfully not!
permalink Should be easy enough to take him down then
When you meet behind the bike sheds after school.
permalink I'll bring me compass.
permalink Fighting dirty I see
Ya little fecker!
permalink Fuck yeah,
I was rubbish at fighting, so I *had* to fight dirty. Never stabbed anyone with a compass though.
permalink I'm not sure anyone ever did
I think it was one of those urban legends that went round schools.

I did once break a table tennis bat across someones leg though (yes, I also could not fight)
permalink I got stabbed behind the shoulder blade
with whatever-the-triangular-protractor-was-called because Nigel Sweet wanted to use the ICL terminal to the local council when it was my allotted time. Broke the fucking thing in my back and I couldn't use my arm for days.
permalink Blimey!
I sit corrected
permalink it's probably that episode and the whole
'falling down concrete stairs onto my head in junior school' thing that means I'm ambidextrous. My left wrist hit the ground before my head did and I spent 6 weeks with a pot right up to the elbow.

Happy days.
permalink Eee it were 'ard times back then
Aye, but we were 'appy!
permalink Ha ha
that's brilliant
permalink I've got white wine, a creme egg, and I'm watching Magic Mike XXL.
But that shooters still a fucknugget.
permalink That sounds like a good night in
Although I'm unsure about the taste compatibility between wine and creme eggs.

Oh, he certainly is. It's been a weird few days, I think after talking about little else for some time, it's nice to talk about other things. The reaction over here has been heartening too. Also it was a good weekend to be dog sitting. There were golden retriever hugs aplenty
permalink Well to distract you further
the buzz around MMXXL was that it was all feminist and shit, to which I rolled my eyes because it's all about the abs. But actually it really is awesome.

I can definitely approve dog hugs as a cure for all ills.
permalink Also Jada Pinkett Smith
Andie McDowell
Donald Glover
The werewolf from True Blood
That guy from CSI
And an hour left
permalink Splendid
I haven't had the pleasure, but I don't see why a fillum can't be all about the abs AND feminist AND good
permalink It's definitely not a *good* film
but it is entertaining.
permalink Yeah, pretty good.
CofE LabsLive yesterday, which was long. Good fun, nice bunch, and got a lead on a job (which is what I was hoping for).

Today's been very quiet - Eve has been ill and is pretty drained so we just had a quiet one.

That's the TL;DR, this is a longer bit...

Online Church got discussed as an idea this year (in my team) and last year (in more detail). I was told that that "The Church of England is Eucharistic and Episcopal" - ie, doing the bread and wine thing is what it's all about, and it's under a local physical hierarchy, which means that online church in the CofE is unimaginable at present.

Which was a surprise. I really wasn't expecting the CofE to say "if you can't be in the building we don't want you".
permalink Printable wafers
permalink Work up to the idea by suggesting
Church-by-mail. They send you a prayer one week, then you send back the response on a postcard, then they post you the next bit.
permalink Well, I'm obviously not really qualified to comment
Seeing as I very much do not do that whole god thing...

But I guess I may see their point. Isn't a lot of the point of it all being physically together in the same place, and thereby gaining a sense of community from the act of gathering together?

My TL:DR would have to be:
That would be an ecumenical matter
permalink That's the general attitude
but it presumes community can only be formed IRL.

This place is a good example - almost all of the relationships on here were formed here, a lot of them have developed into the real world. that was the purpose, but it happened because gathering IRL is normal. This place doesn't exclude people because they keep it entirely virtual, but there has been a natural community encouragement around gathering IRL.

When I was an askreddit mod the team was really tight, we hung around in slack whether we were modding or not and I'll never meet any of those people.

Community exists where people gather, and people gather in the physical and virtual.

Some time soon someone's going to really crack virtual church and it'll be huge. If the physical church can't get its head round this then crossover from virtual to physical is going to be weird - like it used to be when you met your partner online - so people won't do it.
permalink What would asynchronous mass look like?
Half the reason places like this can work is that you can drop in and out, not have to be glued to the screen
permalink Now. Is there anything to be said
for saying another mass?
permalink No idea.
I come from a church tradition that doesn't give mass any mystical significance (it's a thing done in remembrance, nothing more) so I struggle a bit with what it's about for anglicans, but it's about a corporate act.

I don't think it takes a particularl large number of users for there to be a perpetual online group, so asynchronous doesn't mean alone.

Also, gathering is important because of community, not because mass is a magic spell that only works if you say the right incantation in a magical building with enough believers there.
permalink Isn't the CofE inherently a physical and geographically hierarchical institution?
It's as much a landowner and asset holding institution as it is a religious one, and you're describing something which transcends/replaces any concept of diocese. It seems like the last religious group who would be able to incorporate such a concept.

Nail it to a door?
permalink Yep.
Might need to start hanging out with non-anglicans.
permalink I am having a day off
We've covered 680miles since Barcelona and are having a well deserved day if sitting on my arse.. with a bit of laundry and bike fiddling. .. and some work emails probably.

370 ish to go, Thursday night ferry from caen.
permalink That's some serious distance.
I would have thought you'd want a day of NOT sitting on your arse.
permalink Oddly the arse is fine
My ears are the bit that hurt.. I may be doing this cycling thing wrong.

I am very much ready to get finished now. Thankfully the weather forecast now is for much less wind.


permalink I was very briefly on Match of the Day
Yellow hat: https://www.instagram....

I also got drunk.
permalink haha
nice one :)
permalink yes, yes I did
permalink Since you're here
does every child in NZ learn a haka?
permalink Pretty much every kiwi I know seems to be able to do it
Even the skinny jeans hipsters in a band we toured with once
permalink Um, not sure
I suspect these days, they probably do learn one in many schools, especially sports teams. Certainly any schools that are predominantly Māori. Although Te Reo (the Māori language) is not compulsory in most schools (apart from special immersion schools), I think kids these days do get taught quite a bit. But we don't have kids, so hard to know.

Plus I guess a lot of people know the main one that the All Blacks usually do, which is Ka Mate, although they will do a different one now and again.

It's a funny one. Previously there has been plenty of criticism of people doing shitty hakas at pretty much the drop of a hat. But done well as a tribute at a funeral or as an act of remembrance is pretty cool (not IMHO, before a rugby game, but there you go). Interestingly one of the ones that the world media has picked up in Christchurch was done by a very fucking dodgy biker gang, who should not be given the publicity, but there you go
permalink I've only seen one
And they were kids, as far as I know.
permalink Oh George Takai just shared the bikers
I have made a mental note not to watch it.
permalink That said, from the clip I saw on the news
I couldn't actually read the patches to see which gang they were

There are a few actual just motorbike enthusiast clubs here, but the majority of patched clubs like that are more into the intimidation/meth production/murder business, a la sons of anarchy

[edit] reading further, it appears to be Black Power, who are dodgy as fuck
permalink George Takai sharing something
problematic or flat out wrong is hardly unusual though
permalink NZ has the highest ratio per capita for gangs than any other country
including hondurus and all that lot

those black power fuckers used to have a fortress next a gf of mines haus.. that was fun!
permalink at my high school maybe 4 guys could do it properly
and they would have been taught at the marae (sp?). it just wasn't cool then..
we were about 70% maori / islanders to whites probably about 1000 kids..
loads of girls did the traditional pom pom thing though but i guess that was just like elastics or that pick up stones and hop thing
thread I have no words
The utter fucking cunts. Kia kaha all.
permalink Be strong indeed.
Yoda (Steve Lloyd) has marked himself safe.
permalink Aye
I saw that. Thankfully everyone I know in Christchurch is.
permalink shit
permalink Absolute grade A fuckknuckle
permalink Cuntiest of cunts.