thread *dances*
I seem to have nailed the cycling thing

With meep making a final dash into second place.

Crazy race,. Unfortunately it's a whole week until the world championships, then another week until the giro, which overlaps the vuelta... Tough times.

permalink I heard about the time trial on Saturday so watched the highlights
that was great! I'd really enjoyed seeing Pogacar ramping all over the first week and then to pull that out of the bag. FOUR jerseys on one stage! Fabulous.
thread In the pub garden with the Spaniard and Mizemma
Cute puppy at next table. We make a fuss of it.

Food arrives. The Spaniard says, “I’m going to wash my hands”

Emma: “Me too... I’ve been dogging”
permalink seems about
permalink plus there was the puppy
.... boom boom.

I trust you nicked some chips while they were gone.
permalink As long as there were no more than six people
that seems OK to me
permalink it's ok there was money changing hands
there's no limit if it costs money
permalink We paid for the food?
permalink Kerching!
In which case, dog away to your heart's content!
permalink As an aside
The velogames cycling thing is getting very close.

I've got the main leaders, but others have the sprinters who have the likelyhood of winning a couple in the next few days.... Could be very tight.

permalink oo
how the mighty have fallen. al_ is now last and i'm on top...

going to be a bit topsy turvey for the next couple of days.
permalink my team is
quite cursed
permalink i've had 3 retire
poor old meep had most of his out or injured on the first day.

permalink it seems to have improved
but yes, for the first half I did seem to have cursed my picks - I remember one early stage where 5 different people fell off the peloton due to separate mechanicals/crashes and I had every one of them in my team
permalink You have some good chances today I think
permalink well
permalink fucking
permalink Indeed.
It's going to be so close for you to get second.... All will depend on if WvA wins tomorrow.... Which I wouldn't rule out.
permalink it's all on tenterhooks
chez meep
permalink Not just nineterhooks
But tenterhooks
permalink chaos
as all the sprinters go down hard at the intermediate, leading to Irish heartbreak and Pogacar winning a sprint to the finish winning green
permalink It wouldn't surprise me
permalink thankfully
that didn't happen
permalink We have a power cut.
I wandered out to send an email to work telling them, before i remembered that i am a penniless unemployed tramp.
permalink Are you ok?
permalink I would say 'no'.
On the whole.
permalink Oh that's right!
grass me up to tthe board.
permalink This is a safe space
No judgement here
thread right you lot
no fucking mingling, any more than 6 of you in here and I'm calling the fucking pigs.
permalink Unless it is a youth event
with no definition of youth or event.

Or there is money changing hands.
permalink I'm think any definition of youth
would be stretched around here
permalink ooh-
permalink And follow the one way system.
permalink what if we get a till?
permalink even better
it's now ok if we have guns
permalink or if we are "working"
or being "educated".

Both of which strike me as what we're largely avoiding here.
permalink I'm going to a socially distanced networking event in 10
Days at the oval.

I hope that counts as one of these... Though if they just leave the free bar and nobody else turns up that would also suit me just fine.
permalink A socially distanced event at the Oval
presumably just a late season county championship game?
permalink I now have a vision of a load of people standing on the pitch about 30m apart,
shouting at each other.
permalink that's a cricket match
permalink A very well dispersed
slip cordon!
permalink I have a few
we could sort something out.
permalink If we just become a pub, we'd be alright?
I mean, we pretty much are except for the centralised procurement.
permalink Which could save a chunk of money if we can get to calais
Before december
permalink I started work again today,
which involved mandatory training and reading risks assessments.

The risk assessments are centrally produced and a bit crap for a company that size. Quite a few seem to be written by people who don't actually understand what the different columns are for or how to score risks, there's a lack of consistency across the risk register and some risks lack consistency themselves never mind across the whole lot.

The covid one has a severity of 3 out of five, the definition includes "return to work within 7 days".

I mentioned this to my boss but he doesn't really understand, so I'm trying not to think about it but I'm going to end up emailing HR.
permalink Just remember not to call the folks that
wrote the risk document a bunch of incompetent MFCs!
permalink risk assessments are so much fun!
I used to train people to write them so I didn't have to.
permalink You're not the boss of me!
Given we're at level 2, we can congregate in groups of up to 100, thank you very much! And hopefully on the 21st, back to normal*

*as long as the god bothering dimwits from some evangelical church in Auckland don't fuck the country over any further

permalink Which church?
permalink Not that it matters, as they're all the same
But it's this lot
permalink "they're all the same"
permalink that's why he's next on line to be
Bishop of Leeds
permalink I don't imagine the bishop of Leeds
is a member of one of these baffling array of minor churches?

Don't get me wrong, I obviously despise the CofE, Catholic church etc., but at least these large organisations make some sort of sense. Whereas the bazillion schisms upon schisms of all these minor protestant "churches" make no sense to me at all
permalink I have relatives in church leadership in Auckland.
Not associated with that church though.

I didn't think it would be but it was worth an ask.
thread Fuck this week.
And fuck incompetent wankers.
permalink huh? you should sleep late man.. it's just much easier on your constitution
permalink I could do with about a weeks' solid sleep, tbh.
permalink Just had a call from my team leader.
Everyone is back next week. My provisional working hours were based on three of us going back, not everyone. I'll find out on Friday what I'm working.

This is a bit rubbish in terms of planning childcare.
permalink were they definitely incompetent
and not just being arseholes?
permalink it could be both
permalink I bet they
have piggy little eyes as well!
permalink All of the above.
Absolute pisstaking fucktards
permalink has today got better yet?
permalink Yesterday was unrelentingly (and unnecessarily) shit
But today is much much better. Yay!
permalink Yesterday was great fun for me
today has been hard. I feel burnt out just by doing lots of talking
permalink We are clearly tag-teaming
permalink Nothing but MFCs as far as the eye can see?
I know you like a good Munro. Did you see this. Bloody hell!
permalink I hatre everything about this sentence:
"He normally follows a plant-based diet for performance reasons but ate some dairy products on the challenge for easiness meal-wise."

Easiness, meal-wise? It is like a parody of 1985 American.

permalink For you
permalink do you get a puppy with that job?
permalink Well I was highlighting the whole search, rather than just the one job
but I certainly do hope so.
permalink Thank you!
permalink Yep.
The last guy held that record for 10 years, and always said he reckoned someone could knock a few days off it...

These guys are mental.
permalink That they most certainly are
As are any of the FKT people. Although at least some of the smaller ones are only a few days, but over a month without a break at it.
permalink I concur.
If things do not improve soon, I may have to have another breakdown to distract myself.
permalink aside from the below SEO thing
are you looking more widely at civil service jobs? I have a general alert set up for any IT/data roles they have going and there seems to be a lot of product ownership-type stuff available at the moment, which as far as I understand is not entirely dissimilar to what you did before, and most CS jobs are flexi/home working at the moment
permalink Linky?
I have been very ill and my child has been in hospital, so I have been less active, although I had 4 chats today with different folk, who are fishing.

I am the embodiment of concern right now, but setting up alerts would be good for me.

permalink if you create an account
at https://www.civilservi... you can set up 'job alerts' for a filter on area/organisation/role

As I say I have one for general analytical/data positions in Scotland and most days get an email for 2-3 new positions nationwide which are open to folk working from anywhere

There seems to be a huge volume of digital recruitment going on in the CS, partly in response to a big increase in demand for digital services and partly for Cummings' grand projects, so I'd be surprised if there isn't stuff in there somewhere that's up your street, lots of non-technical delivery roles and that kind of thing
permalink It looks as though they're taking on "PowerPoint Bullshit Generators" at a rate of knots.
, judging from the leaked "Moonshot" presentation...
permalink I understood none of that,
but you kind of described my strengths.
thread I'm going back to work on Sunday.
I might have to get new trousers.

How's your work life?
permalink Same old.
Are your kids back at school/wherever?
permalink Eve is in reception now, and she'll be knackered for the
first couple of weeks.

Jude turns two on the 28th and he'll go into nursery in the afternoons.

I'm going to find it rather strange not having either of them around.
permalink Same as the last few weeks, except it's getting a little bit busier out there.
Still massive chunks of central London much much quieter than usual in terms of peoplle, although there does seem to be a fuck-ton of traffic given all the people who aren't back in the office.
permalink It never stopped
It's very tiring
Ive got a weekend off coming up
So I can leave Cardiff at last
To meet my new niece
permalink Well they've locked down caerphilly
So it's possible I won't get to go anywhere, everyone please cross your fingers that they don't lockdown here too
permalink i'll throw in my legs & toes
and tie me nethers in a bow..
permalink At least they haven't locked down recklessly
/predictable gag
permalink Caerphilly jokes
Only work if you don't pronounce it caerphilly
permalink Shit.
Just about to start work for the day and I can't fucking wait for it to end already.
permalink Stop rubbing it in
permalink Work is meh
Lots to do, but very low motivation. Been back in the office since early June though, with a small interruption a few weeks ago.
permalink we had a 3.3 earthquake
in leighton buzzard this morning.. not quite up to your standards but
it all gets added to the approaching apocalypse tick-off list
permalink Not my fault
that one.
permalink And I must be knackered at the moment
As I totally missed an apparently pretty wobbly M5.7 just after I went to be the other night.
permalink lucky sod
i've been to paradise but i've never been to be
permalink I've been to me
I wouldn't bother
permalink non-existant
I have had literally 1 interview with an HR lady and that is it.
permalink due a storm of
my own projects being done, the new ones looming but not here yet and other projects having some stuff that needs done, bone crushingly dull
permalink admin or support work?
permalink testing
permalink can't you just laser some trousers
out of firewood?
permalink Speaking of which...
I've got it working, I'm just not very good with it. It's our eighth wedding anniversary and I'm trying to do a little something. I turned the laser up a bit high and it caught fire, so I'm having to do it again.
permalink but weird
the stuff I was supposed to be doing, I'm not any more, so I'm doing stuff I've never really done before, which is odd after 20 years in various iterations of the job.

Child is at school for now so that's a bit less stress, but the wife's grandad has just died (basically of being very old) so that's different stress.
permalink Not really altered.
Although as of this week I will be going back to normal hours, which is a mixed blessing.